In the modern digitized era, the ease of getting more and more information about any business is achieved by deploying a website that is compatible, easily navigable and rich in relevant content about the business. Quite interactive navigation with working links in real time that gives faster processing of the web pages leaves the impression on the visitor. All the web development done at Web Analogue is W3C validated and developed by following these standards very strictly.

Different technologies are there that we use to develop a very interactive and responsive website. At first, a well detailed session is conducted with the client and we invest the possible time to understand the client’s business and needs. Based on the requirements, quantitative and qualitative analysis is done and then a suitable technology is selected for the development of the website within the best possible time and the budget ensured. After this our team of skilled and innovative developers start working on the proposed project and use their skills and experience to deliver the final product that reaches far beyond your expectations. We work very hard and in a very dedicated and organised way to make sure that the client is getting what they need or dreamt of. After developing we test the website through various phases to make sure that there is no loophole that can hamper the aura of the business that our client built so passionately. We care while we work. All the basic things like loading of the website, smoothness and navigation is tested very patiently to ensure that it live up to the standards. We have different quality standards and we make our work go through that again and again making sure nothing is left behind and if there is something, nothing goes ahead before fixing it as the requirements and the commitments made. Once all the work is done, the final product is presented to the client and we wait for the approval and if any recommendations are there to alter or change something, that is done as fast as we can do it.

website development image
website development process

With Web Analogue there is one more advantage and that is during the whole development process there is a continuous update on the work going on and total transparency with complete control is provided to the client. If the client feels to change something or to remove/add something during the development process, they may do so. We also have dedicated SEO experts who will help the website to achieve the highest rankings by formulating great SEO strategies. A great effort is also made by the team to design the website so efficiently that is matches up all the security protocols so that the risk of getting any malware through any malicious practice is to the minimum or practically nonexistent. All the people working at Web Analogue have expertise in what they do for more than half a decade. Our goal here is to develop the website so beautiful and interactive that it gives the visitor an astonishing experience.