A practice of getting more and more traffic to a website with the help of various social media channels is what we call Social Media Optimization (SMO). To achieve the results a perfectly crafted way is required to optimize the website on various social media platforms out there these days. Almost all the people today these days are somehow connected to some social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc one way or the other.

So, Web Analogue helps you to reach out to the maximum of the masses out there in the Internet world. All the social media platforms are covered by our digital marketing team and at any cost we are not ready or interested to leave any. We understand your business and its requirements for the kind of traffic and we work on getting you the special kind of audience best suitable for the kind of business you host. It can be on any level domestic as well as International. We never use same marketing strategy for each business. All businesses are unique in their own way. So based on the needs of the business our team researches and device a unique strategy each time to get the work done for you in the best possible way. During this practice one major thing we care about is the reputation of your business. At any cost we won’t let anything hamper your professional reputation instead we formulate our strategies in such a way that it builds your reputation in the best possible way. No information is provided on all the social media that is not correct or true. The social media platform can generate enormous amount of business for you if the digital marketing through them is practiced in a well structured and planned way and we are here to take care of that at the best of our abilities. By mixing the social media with the content marketing we enhance the SEO so that whenever someone initiates a search about something you work or affiliated to it comes in the search results in the form of Facebook posts, Tweets, YouTube videos, Instagram posts etc and the best thing about this is that we do not charge a single penny for this merger of social media and content marketing. SMO enhances the linking ability with the masses and helps us grasp the knowledge on how to attract the targeted audience for you.


A dedicated page for the most famous and widely used Social Media platform i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. All the work right from creation of page to managing to optimize it for the digital marketing is done by us.

Creating informative blogs regarding the services offered by the website, developing them to give out the correct and fast responses to the queries in the comment sections to the interested parties and managing them to the best of our abilities.

All the brand promoting for the website by keeping in mind the sole purpose of building the reputation of the business.