In this growing world guided and run by technology where getting information about anything is at so much ease, Facebook is among the top contenders to take a benefit of to promote and grow the business. Over a billion people around the world are connected to Facebook. Analysis show that in every 5 minutes, people spend 1 minute on Facebook. So, why not to take this advantage and take our business to the most visited and busy platform. Facebook provides a very detailed and customised way of promoting a business by successfully offering solutions to it. Taking all the business to where people gradually are helps to boost the traffic and sales in result the overall productivity. Hence, there are few Facebook Protocols that you need to follow while and after setting up your Facebook business page and take them very seriously by feeding the correct and true information to the audience.


First thing is to understand the business type and chose the correct and favourable unbiased motive about the advertising whether it is meant to increase in the number of sales, increasing visitors, expecting more and more downloads of something etc. Once this is done, then we have to tell the masses out on Facebook about the business, what we do, how we do and why we do. Researching and finding who and how we can get likely audience for our business.

Secondly we need to make sure what group of visitors or audience we have to target. Facebook offers this kind of customization where we can easily filter the reach of our business to certain group, nationality, gender or age group. This well refined customization helps the business to reach the likable minds and serve the needs of the business.

Then we have to take a decision regarding the running of the advertisement. Like if we want it only to show on Facebook or on other digital platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, other web application, websites etc. We can also select running these advertisements on certain popular mobile devices as well. The advantage here is that we only have to develop the advertisement only once and then we can select any platform to advert it, it will render automatically on that platform. No need to make any extra effort.

Since Facebook is helping you out so much to expand your business on the world’s most popular social platform, they charge some fee for it as well. There are a number of packages based on the needs of the business to advert and attract the targeted audience from which one can choose according to the requirement. If you want a large audience base for your business you can select the package where advertisement can reach maximum number of people or if you want a medium base audience you can go with other package as well.

You can decide how you want to advertise your business. You want to do it with the help of formatted text, beautiful and informative pictures, videos conveying about the details of your business, slideshow, carousel and canvassing. You can choose anyone among these.

After all this is done, there are tools with which you can constantly monitor the reach of your advertisement and the responses that you are getting towards it within the shortest time frame. If you fell that the advertisement is not reaching the targeted group of audience you can easily make adjustments by going to the customization part of your Facebook Page, edit them, save them and start expecting more traffic to your business page.

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