Are you among those thousands of WP developers who download premium WordPress themes for free without licenses? Well, you should stop doing that right away, and here is why:

Many WordPress developers and newbies are using a few techniques to download mostly WordPress premium themes for free. I must tell you that this is piracy, and we should not follow it. Through this blog post, my only aim is to make my readers aware of the negative impact of downloading and using premium WordPress themes without paying money.

Why Should You Not Download & Use Premium WordPress Themes for Free?

You can realize the negative impacts just by asking a simple question to yourself. After paying your hard-earned money, will you upload it on the web for free if you purchase any premium theme? I think that most answers will be NO.

Why are they doing that? And allowing you to download their purchased premium themes for free. I am going to share the reasons below:

  • Most free downloaded premium WordPress themes have malicious encrypted codes.
  • Hackers can easily hack your WP site using Malicious encrypted codes.
  • Your website traffic can be transferred.
  • Your users’ activities and data can be compromised.
  • Those malicious encrypted codes can hard your WordPress website and it can stop working.

This is not all, there are other reasons like they can get many do-follow links from your WordPress website. And I think these reasons are enormous to avoid using premium WordPress themes for free.

After reading the big reasons to avoid using free downloaded premium WordPress themes, you should not use free downloaded premium themes.

I would recommend using free WordPress themes, and NOT downloading WordPress premium themes for free. You can visit to purchase premium WordPress themes with a genuine license.

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