The best SEO tools will help you improve your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. These five tools will help you track your progress, analyze your site content, and optimize your keywords.

SEO is a complicated and ever-changing beast. The struggle to stay up to date and relevant is incredibly high, so folks need tools that help them work smarter and faster than their competition. SEO tools can also help with research, planning, analytics, reports for multiple channels or departments, content creation, and more.

The SEO tools available today are more than just simple keyword research tools. Yes, keyword research is still a massive part of what SEOs do these days, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. Other important aspects of search engine optimization include creating and managing content for your different channels, tracking your rankings and success metrics, social media optimization, web design and development, landing page optimization, and so much more.

Who Uses SEO Tools?

Businesses and bloggers often use an SEO tool to ensure their website ranks well on the search engine listings. As well as increasing your competitors’ rankings, you can use SEO tools to provide helpful information to your target market.

To find out who uses an SEO tool, we can look at who has access to these powerful online tools. For example, any business with a marketing or public relations department will likely have easy access to one or more tools – they’re all over the Internet! So, it’s likely that any business person will know what an SEO tool is and how it’s used.

You can also look at business forums to learn more about SEO tool usage. Industry professionals use these to share information about new products, top tips for using SEO tools effectively, and ways of resolving common issues.

SEO tool helps marketers and internet experts to understand how search engines work and optimize websites so they rank well in search engine results for specific keywords.

Look at some of the most common SEO tools in the market today.

1. Semrush

semrush seo tool

Semrush Positives:

  • Semrush is excellent at research and analysis. It offers a wide range of information, covering SEO beyond one specific website, such as Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) analysis.
  • It has a very user-friendly navigation and interface that will enable newbies to quickly get the hang of it and veterans to find what they need quickly.
  • Sites like this give you an advantage when comparing them to your competition.
  • Both free and paid versions are available, offering different features in both versions.

Semrush Negatives:

  • Semrush has a limitation on the number of websites you can track. For instance, if you want unlimited tracking, it is recommended that you upgrade your membership. However, you can still do basic research even if you’re going to track 10 to 20 websites.
  • It’s not as updated as other SEO tools, such as the Ahrefs tool.
  • If you’re not tech-savvy, you will find it quite hard to use the software because it is a little bit complex.

Semrush is “the most comprehensive suite of keyword research tools.” It provides trending reports about organic SEO trends, organic SEO opportunities, keyword potential, and related keywords for over 1 million keywords in 20 different languages.

You need to optimize your website with unique and valuable content to rank better on Google using SEO keyword research techniques. When you are optimized for keywords related to your products or services, you will rank higher on search engine results.

The problem is that there are over 200 factors that Google uses to determine whether a website is suitable for first-page ranking. A tool like the Semrush SEO toolbar helps you understand how well your website is optimized for various keywords. You can improve its ranking by applying some of the abovementioned factors.

Why choose Semrush? Here are some significant features of the Semrush tool which make it stand out against other tools in the market.

Keyword Research:

The best thing about the Semrush keyword research tool is running thousands of search queries for a particular keyword and seeing the relative positions and CPC score to determine if it deserves any sort of rankings. Semrush features a wide range of search queries and related data for almost every possible keyword combination. More than 50,000 keywords were used in this list. You can also manipulate these keywords below the search bar to run different searches with various combinations using the built-in search bar preview option to get a visual understanding of how other terms affect your rankings based on Google’s algorithm.

Adds to the list of past searches:

Once you have run a particular query, you can click on the ‘add to the list button and keep on adding more keywords to your past search history. This will help you monitor some essential keywords targeted by your competitors. Then, you can use them as a base for your research or incorporate some of the terms into your next article.

View Organic & Paid Search Report:

Semrush gives you an insight into how your page is doing in organic search results compared to paid listings. As Google crawls through pages for evaluation, it checks how relevant a piece of content is for any keyword in its database. In other words, Google will evaluate your page’s relevance for a particular keyword before showing it in search engine results.

Using Semrush SEO reports, you can get a detailed report about your rankings in the organic and paid results. For example, you can view how you fit into search engines after a particular update or season, how much traffic comes from specific keywords, which keywords are driving most of your visitors, and how competitive specific niches are at a particular time.

Learn from Competitors:

You get to learn from your competitors’ mistakes while optimizing their websites using a Semrush analyzer feature that lets you see what factors drive their traffic and the level of competition for each keyword over time.

Check Domain:

The domain report helps you determine which websites and blogs are the most authoritative and relevant sites on a particular topic. The site authority that we use is related to Google PageRank values.

Brand Monitoring:

You can check your brand’s ranking using a search engine keywords report. This way, if your brand gets some negative publicity, you will know it as soon as possible and can take action. You can also find the content others use on your website to rank higher in the search engines. Using this tool, you can identify gaps in your page or website’s SEO or content strategy. In addition, you can learn about your competitors and their plans for organic rankings quickly and easily using the keyword spy feature on the Semrush SEO toolbar.

2. Ahrefsahrefs seo tool

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. We’ll closely examine what Ahrefs can do for you and how it works.

Learn how to get git Gogh with your traffic:

Let’s start by getting your head around the idea that you are now in control of all aspects of your online success – worldwide! You can decide what content will be shown on which pages, change keywords, manage backlinks, check out our backlink reporting tool, and more. So without further ado, let’s dive into Ahrefs’ favorite features – starting with Keyword Explorer.

Here is a screenshot of the Keyword Explorer:

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer:

Keywords and Keyword groups are the most important and valuable data in Ahrefs. You can view all of them and make changes with ease.

Ahrefs Keyword Group:

This page gives you a quick view of important information about the keyword, its synonyms, and whether there is competition.

You can also easily modify all data on this. For example, you can view the number of monthly searches, bounce rate, average positions, traffic, and more!

Ahrefs Keyword:

This is where you’ll find keywords that you want to rank for. Shortcuts such as CPA and CPC are available with just a click of a button – making keyword research an absolute breeze.

You’ll also see the average CPC, CPA, SEMrush bid, traffic, and more.

Another great feature is the ability to take keywords you’ve selected and create a new group with them right here. This can be very useful if you’re trying to find your niche keywords – because competitors often bid on the same terms.

Ahrefs Backlinks:

This page gives you an instant view of all your backlink tracking data, including all domain authority metrics measured by Majestic SEO. If you’re worried about your domain authority, you can see how it’s changed over time.

You can also view sites linking to this site – information vital for SEO optimization. You’ll see your top links, followed by all links. You can sort it any way you like using the dropdown menus to the right of the page.

This neat feature helps you ensure that Google Bot can index links not visible on your site’s homepage or other pages.

If, for example, you run a blog and have a variety of posts added to your site regularly, this tool will help you find and add the no-follow tag to the links so that your site doesn’t get penalized. In my opinion, it’s a must-have for WordPress users.

Ahrefs Site Explorer:

This is one of the most valuable tools in Ahrefs’ arsenal. It allows you to crawl competitor domains and view their backlinks. You can dive deeper by filtering the links by URL or host IP address.

You can also view sites linking back to a competitor’s website – which is a great way to find link prospects. Another great feature is the ability to view where the competitors are getting their backlinks from.

I like to use this tool to find broken backlinks. The crawler works well, and it will even crawl Google for you! You can filter by link status (404 or 301) and target domain. The results include all of the pages where the broken link was found.


  • Ahrefs provides a range of SEO tools to measure your website performance, see the best performing keywords, and see relevant search volume data for top countries.
  • The platform also provides backlink analysis software that enables users to find the most popular sites linking to your website.
  • Ahrefs has a wealth of knowledge base articles written for all levels of understanding and interest.
  • It’s straightforward and provides excellent features, including easy backlink refutation with their Site Explorer tool.


  • The features are a touch on the expensive side for some users, particularly compared to other tools in its class.
  • It can be slow loading and difficult to use at times, depending on your experience with SEO tools.
  • It is not always easy for beginners to understand how to use the site and its features effectively.

3. ProRank Tracker

proranktracker seo tool

The ProRank Tracker SEO tool is invaluable for online marketers, entrepreneurs, web admins, or anyone striving to rank higher in search results.

It’s not just another pretty face with an easy-to-use interface that promises it will help you rank higher in search engine listings. This SEO Tool has been developed by a team of professionals who have ranked over 50,000 domains on Google. In addition, they have created “unmatched technology,” which delivers accurate keyword placement analysis for any given webpage so you can compete with the big boys and still stay on budget.

This review will give you a comprehensive understanding of how this SEO Tool works and if it might be the right fit for your business needs.

The ProRank Tracker SEO tool is an all-in-one SEO solution for beginners to seasoned Internet marketers.

It’s a fully automated software that analyzes your website, performs keyword research, determines search engine competition, and delivers a report on how well your website is currently ranked on search engines. It does this by analyzing the current content on your website.

ProRank Tracker is sure to make your life easier regarding your SEO needs. This SEO tool is perfect for individuals looking to start their website, small business owners needing help figuring out what keywords are most profitable, and people who want peace of mind knowing that their website is optimized for search engines. ProRank Tracker provides easy-to-read results, so you know what your website needs to improve its ranking. You can compare two websites side-by-side to see how they stack up against each other.

What separates this SEO tool from others out there?

1. It helps you rank your website with high-quality content; this SEO tool will ensure that you can deliver the most competitive value to your customers.

2. ProRank Tracker is also helpful for any business owner considering promoting his website. It can be used by individuals, organizations, and companies who wish to ensure they get their websites where they want them. This SEO software lets you see where your criteria are ranked on the Internet and use this information to maximize your presence in search engines.

3. ProRank Tracker is more accessible by its user-friendly interface and simple explanation of how the algorithms work behind the scenes.

4. It’s a tool that can be commissioned for a fixed monthly fee, so you don’t have to pay much upfront. You can also opt to have annual or quarterly service renewals.


  • It offers excellent information, and the user interface is beautiful and easy to use.
  • The service offers a one-month free trial and a one-month refund policy.
  • Other great features are keyword tracking, rank monitoring, social media management, SEO audit, domain analysis, and more!
  • It’s cheap.
  • The forum is active; many people use it and offer help for free!
  • It works without installing any software because Google already tracks your domain.
  • You can exclude domains from rank tracking by adding .com, .net, .org, etc.


  • The price. Well, it’s cheap, but you can find something even more affordable than this, according to ProRank Tracker’s features.
  • Many domains are excluded by default (although you can search for your desired field to include).
  • There is no way to exclude nested subdomains, so everything shows up in the report.
  • You can’t view old results or manually edit them.

4. SpyFu

spyfu seo tool

It’s also super fast. Our most recent speed tests recorded 85Mbps download speeds for a connection of 95Mbps.

First off, SpyFu helps you monitor what your competitors are up to in terms of social media management and data management that might affect your ranking on search engines such as google and yahoo. It also provides valuable feedback on what could be called “white hat” tactics, resulting in higher rankings if appropriately utilized.

Secondly, SpyFu shows you the internal links to your site and external links from other sites. This helps you identify which keywords are used in your competition’s blog page titles and meta descriptions and the keyword density on those pages.

Thirdly, SpyFu can check if your website uses anchor text for keywords you want to rank for. This is called “link building.” For example, suppose you found competitor sites with more or better-optimized links than yours. In that case, chances are they were getting those links from other websites through anchor text. Using SpyFu, we can see which keywords we could link to our site and stop wasting time and effort trying to link out on other websites.

Fourthly, SpyFu can show us how sites like google and yahoo rank sites within their search engine results. It can also show you what other pages link to your site. For example, if you are trying to rank your site for a specific keyword, there are links to other pages within your site that link back to that keyword.

Lastly, SpyFu allows you to see who is linking out. If someone has linked out of their site using anchor text or making contact forms on other sites, this will be highlighted in yellow. On the other hand, if someone else links out of their blog or website via anchor texts, this will be highlighted in red.

What separates this SEO tool from others out there?

1. SpyFu analyzes internal links, i.e., links from within your site and links from other sites that have been labeled with “internal.” In other words, you can see which pages on your site link back to the “internal” page of the website or blog you are analyzing with SpyFu.

2. SpyFu analyzes anchor text used in links on your site and compares it to its ranking potential for the researched keywords. This is the “white hat” aspect of the tool.

3. This SEO tool can show you which keywords are being used by pages that link to you, e.g., through internal linking, or which keywords are being used on other websites or blogs that link back to your site for that keyword. The information is sorted by the number of results and then ranked without any duplication (it will not show two or more words as “one” result).

4. SpyFu displays the internal links and meta descriptions on your competitor’s pages to give you better insight into what their competition is doing. You can then analyze why a competitor ranks for a particular keyword by analyzing their keywords to link back to your site.

5. SpyFu has a unique relevance feature that uses Google’s Open Source Crawler Tool (aka GoogleBot) to return websites that have been indexed in Google search results since they were listed in SERPs.


  • Visually appealing design.
  • Comprehensive tracking for SEO metrics.
  • Free 14-day trial (and the full version is affordable!).
  • Mobile friendly.


  • No keyword research, keyword ranking, or SEMrush integration (yet).
  • Many domains are excluded by default (although you can search for your desired field to include).
  • There is no way to exclude nested subdomains, so everything shows up in the report.
  • You can’t view old results or manually edit them.

SpyFu has a decent amount of features that will help you boost your search engine rankings. However, I would recommend that you pay for SpyFu. It is a handy tool for those serious about ranking their site on search engines using the “white hat” method.

5. The Hoththehoth seo tool

The Hoth has been around since 2001 and includes 12 modules (including something called “Hothlight,” which does not exist anymore). It is one of the most popular SEO tools, with clients like Forbes, CNN, The Washington Post, GQ Magazine, and many other reliable names. In addition, Hoth offers professional-level SEO analysis. It includes web-based tools for link analysis, keyword research, rank checking, plus several different modules.

Hoth has an API used in various 3rd party applications, but no official integrations exist with powerful platforms. There are two editions of Hoth: Lite and Professional. The Lite version is free to use, but its functionality is limited. The pro version is required for any meaningful SEO work. Both versions have a 14-day free trial period.

Currently, Hoth has over 600 verified reviews on Capterra. These are primarily positive with 4-5 star ratings except for 1-2 star reviews complaining about lack of integrations and expensive pricing model. I believe the company is trying to differentiate itself from competitors by providing advanced functionality for professionals.

What separates this SEO tool from others out there?

1. You can check your website’s performance on multiple devices without installing the software.

2. It has a built-in URL builder that automatically creates fully branded URLs for your blog posts and pages.

3. It includes keyword suggestions based on the niche you are working within, so if you are unsure of what essential terms or phrases you should be ranking for, this tool will lead you to success.

4. Its knowledge base gives more than 1,300 comprehensive lessons to guide beginners on how best to improve their SEO strategy over time by learning from the experts in the field!

5. When it comes to competitive analysis, this software will give you everything you need. It will allow you to see what competitors are doing and how you can beat them at their own game. It is meant for backlink monitoring, keyword analysis, and checking who links to or mentions your competitors. This is a great way to stay one step ahead of your competitors and ensure that you know exactly where they stand regarding SEO.

6. If you rank well on Google, you will most likely get more visitors from it than from any other search engine. This is because people tend to go with the number one search engine, so if you are there, you have no competition.

7. Unlike other SEO tools, this is not meant for algorithm updates or bookmarking purposes. Instead, it is all about ranking your website to get the most traffic possible through SEO strategies proven to work overtime.

8. It can show you your site’s overall health and how it appears to search engines like Google and Bing. It allows you to see how many pages of your website are indexed and where they’re located within the body of the website.


  • Automatic, not just semi-automatic.
  • Has many different types of metrics to track and record your progress and show you which keywords and search terms help the most.
  • Its clean interface means less distraction for you, so your focus will stay on improving your website’s SEO performance.


  • No customization to your website.
  • Some of the filters you can search for don’t seem to work correctly.
  • The price is quite pricey, but it’s worth it if you want the best possible SEO tools around.
  • Not suitable for SEO beginners three stars out of 5 stars in my book.

Tools/Features Pro features Lite features

A free trial 14-day trial

Price: $400/year (listing price is $1,200 )

I have reviewed several SEO tools for my clients. Hoth ranks up very high on the list. My clients are pleased with Hoth’s quality of service and the feedback they received after working with me. I have also asked several of my friends to try the tool, and their experience is also positive. Some features are missing in Hoth, but it makes up for it with powerful analysis tools and outstanding customer support.


I have created this blog after having a decade of experience in digital marketing, blogging, freelancing, and CMS. I will share my experience and knowledge in these categories with live examples.

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