WordPress is one of the leading CMS platforms of the present time. It offers several benefits to its users. However, one of the major problems from which it suffers is that it can get quite slow sometimes. Thus, the WordPress website owners have to work on WordPress optimization for assuring the effective working of their site.

Fast loading and accessing the WordPress website assure a better user experience along with enhancing the traffic on the website. Are you also looking for ways for WordPress optimization along with increasing its speed? Have a look at the top 10 tips that you can try:

  1. Keep your website updated

One of the simplest ways of speeding up the WordPress website is by keeping it updated. Most people think that it is just a one-time process of creating a website. But for maintaining the website in the best possible manner, you need to update your WordPress website frequently. Moreover, having an updated site also helps in delivering the relevant information to the users which further enhances the traffic on the website. Thus, frequent and regular updates to the WordPress website should be on the top position of your priority list.

  1. Optimize the images

Adding images to the website is a great way to catch people’s attention. But the more use of heavy images results in slow responsiveness of the website. The heavy-size images take lots of time to load and thus users have to wait for accessing your website. Thus, when it comes to enhancing the speed of your WordPress website, you must take care of optimizing the images used on the site. Optimized images take lesser time to load and therefore result in a better user experience. Use that images, which deliver the required message and take lesser time to load.

  1. Choose a good host

A good host can instantly enhance the charm of your website. If you want your website to reach several people with all the required functionalities and features then you must make sure that it is hosted on a good host. If you are planning to post most of the popular stuff on your WordPress website then hosting it with the shared host is not at all justified. Having a bad host is one of the major reasons for the slow response of the website. Thus, for ensuring the best results of WordPress optimization make sure to choose the best host.

  1. Use an efficient Caching plugin

WordPress comes with some amazing plugins while the best ones that support the website are the caching plugins. These plugins are quite effective in increasing the speed of the website by loading much faster. These plugins are simple and easy to use which further adds to the reasons for using the plugins. One of the best plugins that you can try for increasing the speed of your WordPress website is W3 Total Cache.

  1. Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

Content delivery network or CDN plays an important role in optimizing the WordPress website. CDN enhances the downloading of the static files on your site by making them available to the visitors at their nearest server. This plays an important part when doing online marketing using WordPress. Cloudflare is the most reliable and free CDN that you can use. You can use the Cloudflare WordPress plugin to integrate it easily into your WordPress site.

  1. Content optimization

Because the site owners want to use their WordPress website for delivering the best of information to its users, optimizing the website content can be a great help. Even if you have little content available on your website, make sure that it is properly optimized with relevant keywords.

The effective use of keywords in the content of the WordPress website ensures that the users can easily find the site and thus helps in increasing its visibility. Optimizing the content can work effectively in WordPress optimization by targeting the right users with the help of relevant keywords.

  1. Use the latest technology

There is a reason why the new versions of technology come into the market. Databases, PHP, etc. all of them keep releasing their new version from time to time for delivering better services to the users. Security and features, both improve with each next version. Thus, it becomes one of the priorities of the website owners to use the latest version of these technologies for running their website. The improved version of technology enhances the functionalities and speed of the website.

  1. Analyzing the website performance

This goes without saying. Timely analyzing the performance of the website plays an effective role in determining the existing flaws in the normal functioning of the website. Timely checking the website for any of the possible catches can save the website from any of the major problems in the future. There are many performance checking tools available that help in determining the present performance of the website. These tools can also help in reducing the flaws and enhancing the speed of the website. I would recommend using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to check your website performance regularly.

  1. Try AMP

Accelerate mobile pages or AMP is an open-source help that has completely revolutionized the process of browsing the website on mobile devices. This open-source helps the website to reduce the loading delays and get instantly loaded web pages on smartphones as well. Most of the WordPress websites are using this feature for assuring higher rankings on Google. This open-source platform helps the users to navigate through the website thoroughly without any difficulties.

  1. Remove unnecessary plugins

As we clean our house, it is also important to clean your WordPress website from time to time. Make sure that after you analyze the performance of your site, you clean all the unnecessary and unwanted plugins for doing WordPress optimization. This, on the other hand, helps in increasing the speed of the website and keeping it effective in the business environment.

Deploying an effective strategy assure the proper optimization and speeding up of your WordPress website. If you are optimizing your WordPress website, focus on the tips mentioned above. Though if you have come so far without optimizing your WordPress site or want expert assistance in WP optimization or development, you can contact me and I may help you with this.


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  1. It’s vital to do an internal website audit and check for the loading speed. Nobody wanted to visit a slow-loading site. And this one is a must read.

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